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Song Gallery with Jacky Jack White
Song Gallery with Jacky Jack White - song submission form
                ©2019 Blackbelt Broadcasting Inc.

Please read all terms before submitting your song
Song Gallery is a paid program. By filling out the song submission for you are the owner of the song and composition and give Blackbelt Broadcasting Inc. permission to broadcast the song on WLYB FM, our live stream, and include the song on the Song Gallery Show, and the Song Gallery podcast.

Each song must be a part of a CD, download, or artist website project with more than the one song featured on SONG GALLERY. You must name a sponsor which can be an individual , group, publishing or record company, or promotion company. A sample intro on the radio with this info is below;

“Song Gallery on WLYB FM now features the following song ______________________
sung by _____________________paid for by (name of artist, group, band, publishing company, record company, or promotion company) located at (web address, or P. O. Box, etc). You can find more music to buy by this artist on this address.”

You must have more than this one song to sell on your website or CD or as a download. Give the name of the ITunes©, CD Baby© project, etc. or CD the submitted song is included on.

When a broadcast licensee had received or has been promised payment for the airing of program material, then, at the time of the airing, the station must disclose that fact and identity who paid for or promised to pay for the material. All sponsored material must be explicity identified at the time of the broadcast as paid for and by whom, except when it is clear that the mention of a product or service constitiutes sponsorship identification.

***Each song must have the sponsor tag - NO EXCEPTIONS***

Send your studio quality broadcast MP3 song (320K) to info@963wlyb.com We will send a confirmation for the MP3.

Each accepted submission with have a maximum of 5 minutes. That includes the sponsor into, the song, and information (example) to tell the listener where they can purchase the song submitted, concert venue dates etc.

The song submitted will also be featured on the Song Gallery show Saturday morning between 8AM-9AM and Sunday Morning between 7AM-8AM for 4 weeks. Your segment will be schuduled one time on each show, but may be broadcast additional times. Song will remain on website for 4 weeks. You must notify station via email that you want the song to continue on Song Gallery, and make payment via Paypal after the 4 week schedule.

Total cost will be $100 for 4 weeks. Payment must be submitted via Paypal along with the submission form.

Submission of form and payment does not guarantee acceptance as part of the Song Gallery program. All rejected entries will receive a a refund from Blackbelt Broadcasting Inc. via Paypal.

If song submitted is accepted, song will be scheduled during times listed. No refunds. A statement will be mailed to address listed on submission form as proof of performance.

Please submit payment via Paypal with song form submission