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Equip Podcast & Radio Show
Twin States Podcast is the new mulitimedia platform that produces podcasts, and broadcast content for listeners in West Alabama and East Mississippi. Our podcasts cover all topics that impact the twin states. Podcasts are produced in our Studios in Livingston Alabama & Meridian Mississippi.

Our facilites handle up to 4 guests including phone interviews. We also have a studiocam at our Livingston location for a video podcast.

Thought about doing a podcast. Give us a call. We can produce your podcast, and assist you with ideas to produce a professional studio quality podcast. (205) 652-9630.

Matt Kelley hosts the Equip Outdoor Radio & Podcast Show. Matt keeps you updated on the ltest hunting and fishing news. Some great ways to cook you catch, and a message of faith.

Equip Outdoor Radio & Podcast Show also airs Saturday morning at 8:30 on a network
of Alabama & Mississippi radio stations and online.
                Episode #1 - February 15 2020
                What's Cookin'
                The Tree
                Episode #2 - February 22 2020
                Rabbit Hunting
                What's Cookin'
                Wildlife Interviews
    Episode #3 - February 29 2020           
   Wayne Edgeworth Harvester of               Gollywhopper buck
                Episode #10 - May 15, 2020
                Local hunting report
                What's Cookin'
                Equip Mission
                Episode #9 - May 8, 2020
                Local hunting report
                What's Cookin'
                Turkey Hunting
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                Episode #14 - May 8, 2020
                Trey Montgomery
                Level Wood Lodge
                West Greene, Alabama
               Episode #4 - March 7th 2020
                University Of West Alabama
              Bass Fishing Team